About Us

Woodnet Lifestyles Ltd., seller of SaniPro Stations has been established on the back of the current pandemic.

Ash Sanjenbam, CEO of Woodnet Lifestyles Ltd, already runs a successful security business Kingfisher SEC, so he is not new to keeping people and properties safe. Kingfisher SEC is a physical security business, that has taken a huge hit by the pandemic, as the majority of revenue it generates comes from seasonal events and festivals that have all been cancelled.

Our partners, Magles d.o.o. from Slovenia, that produces SaniPro stations, is an established family business that started as a small furniture workshop in 1965. Now, 55 years later, this furniture factory employs over 100 employees and produces furniture for hotels, offices, laboratories, car dealerships, retail, homes and mobile houses in Austria, Germany, Switzerland and Saudi Arabia.

Please look at the factory production video and photos of how our sanitising stations are produced. 

Robotic hand CNC technology  Robotic hand Sanitising Station
Quality Control SaniPro Station  Sign off Sani Station