The Need to Diversify and Collaborate: Kingfisher SEC’s Adaptation and the Support of Hounslow Chamber’s Task Force

The Hounslow Chamber of Commerce launched Task Force, a selection of free webinars providing Chamber members with vital business information and networking opportunities from industry experts.


These events boosted Kingfisher SEC’s confidence and helped the business to remain virtually connected when the pandemic first started. The weekly Task Force covered a vast number of business topics including taxes, HR issues and cyber security. They made connections between relevant companies and contacted councillors so businesses could ask questions directly via their webinars. This support helped to maintain contact with the business world during complete lockdown; Kingfisher SEC feel proud to be a member of the Chamber.


The Chamber’s Task Force also supported businesses in their adaptation to the safety precautions introduced by the pandemic. During the summer months, Kingfisher SEC were 45% events security and therefore revenue was hugely impacted. The team generated ideas on how the business could adapt during the lockdown period, which is when SaniPro Stations was launched. It took only four weeks from having the initial idea to production and to selling the stations; Venture X being one of the first customers.


Kingfisher SEC’s core responsibility during lockdown was to ensure staff members were protected. A Covid-19 questionnaire and site-specific risk assessments were used to ensure all staff were safe, whilst the government guidelines and regulations were closely monitored.


In the current circumstances, there is a huge focus on physical health; Kingfisher SEC believes that similar attention should be given to mental health. To ensure positive mental wellbeing was maintained, staff members were never asked to work if they did not feel safe. Moreover, Kingfisher SEC held weekly counselling calls with all staff members to understand any personal issues they may be experiencing. In addition, projects with Hounslow Council required the team to be trained, and during this process mental wellbeing was discussed in depth. Therefore, the team received mental health guidance as well as training to effectively support businesses in the borough so they could re-open safely. The Chamber also provided wellbeing webinars which promoted Anchor Counselling; the borough’s counselling service where individuals can self-refer at no cost.


As the pandemic persists and Britain enters a recession, it was integral that Kingfisher SEC diversified. Things are constantly evolving, so it is important to plan ahead and make regular adjustments. The Kingfisher SECbusiness took a major hit during the pandemic, but plans and readjustments were made to manage these issues. We believe there are three clear methods to running a successful business; plan, execution and review. For example, SaniPro Stations was only an idea three months ago and now they are a permanent product because of the effective adjustments made to our business strategy. It is important to focus on direct resources, rather than spreading yourself too thin. To become recession and pandemic proof, Kingfisher SECwill largely focus on core team members and maintaining their happiness and safety.


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