SaniPro Stations Vs. Regular Sanitiser Bottles

Covid-19 has impacted the way in which society functions and it is now as important as ever to remain safe and sanitary. Officials have encouraged businesses, establishments and community centres to provide hand sanitiser to customers and staff. However, a simple sanitiser bottle with scattered tissues can look untidy and unprofessional. Moreover, the consistent effort required to maintain these unsystematic sanitising areas is wasteful and time consuming.

Fortunately, we provide bespoke Sanitiser Stations to maintain the professionalism of your business property whilst providing customers with essential safety measures. All of our models include an automated hand sanitiser dispenser, eliminating the risk of spreading the virus through contact with sanitiser bottle pumps. Our portable models also include four compartments for disposables such as gloves, masks and tissues, reducing the precious time wasted to maintain regular sanitisation areas. Not only do our stations provide efficient safety to everyone entering your building, they also provide personalisation opportunities. The stations have designated areas to promote your company’s brand and logo, advertise upcoming products or services and even sell advertising space to other organisations; the options really are limitless.


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Written by Kelly Bryan, Project Executive at 2k Tiger.

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